Thursday, November 3, 2011

PART 1: When Life Gives You Oranges, Start Celebrating Halloween 6 Days Early...

          ...and although you wouldn't necessarily think to put those two things together, after the last week in the RYPE Lyfe things I never thought are starting to make all sorts of sense. It all started last Wednesday afternoon when a friend invited Rype and Co. to a He's My Brother, She's My Sister show at the Soho Music Club, not being too familiar with the band we absolutely adore Soho and almost never pass up an opportunity to go (seeing Sleigh Bells at the venue earlier this year was the beginning of a slight obsession with the club). The only thing we knew for sure about the band was that they had all sorts of steez and trust a Rype when she tells you, we never miss an opportunity to dress up. Bras for tops, suspenders, turbans, bell bottoms to put yo' mama to shame, hats, scarfs and a few Tequila Sunrises in a Starbucks cup later and we were ready to go and outshine the whole damn night! We all clearly underestimated the siblings and their openers, The Mumlers though....
The Sister breaking it down in a major way, what her costume technically was we may never know

Uncontrollable excitement and spontaneous dancing

Brother Bear

Thank God for multi-talented bartenders!

Not afraid to get a lil freaky, go on girl, we don't mind.

Even though He's My Brother, She's My Sister were out of this world and definitely satisfying enough for one night the rumor mills were aswirl with a Deadmau5 appearance downtown (more on him later) and I mean, "It may only be Wednesday, but it's like BASICALLY Halloween... ya know?" Right you are.

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