Thursday, November 24, 2011

When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get.... Stress Ulcers.

It's been a busy couple weeks over here in RYPE Town! That can't eat, can't sleep, reach for the stars, over the fence kind of love... I mean busy (C'mon, there's always time for a Mary-Kate and Ashley movie, where do you think we get all of our amazing quotes from!?) Everyone is pulling it together (some of us a little more dangerously then others) for this home stretch before the big night on Saturday and I can honestly say I've never been more excited in my whole, wide RYPE LYFE! Rachel Rype has been using that panty dropping charm of hers to get RYPE in all the right places, with an amazingly stellar, "OH, helllll yesss" kind of shout out via Stateside Magazine's website (CLICK ME!) and that's right, get ready for it, the ultimate in awesome!!!!..... A half page low down on all the goods in the Santa Barbara Independent! Oh, no you didn't! Oh, yes we diiiid!! (CLICK ME FOR THE GOODS!!)! We're all beaming with joy at little baby RYPE and all the progress she's made! Thank you all for your hard work and I can't believe how many friends have come out of the woodwork to help make this happen! SEE YOU ALL SATURDAY AND HAPPY BIRDY DAY Y'ALL! Now here's a little peak into the hectic creative process we've been experiencing as of late! Enjoy, you know you want too...

Good Shows And This Man's Beautiful John-Mayer-Face-Style Of Singing Keep The Motivation And Inspiration Flowing

Laying Down The Law With Phantogram...?

Or Fucking Around With The Laws Of Physics? Take My Advice With Questions Of These Nature, "If You Don't Know What's Going On Anymore, Close Your Eyes, Count To Ten And Order Another Drink."

They Heeded My Advice And Got You A Good Crowd Cuddle Out Of It! It's The Last Part That Does The Trick

A True Fan Won't Just Shove Her Way To The Front Of The Stage, She'll Go Right On Ahead And Crawl Across It To Steal The Set List. So Proud.

Hush Now Children, Time To Get Down To Business.

Ok, That Was Fun For A Minute, But We Have National Fast Food Day To Celebrate Sooo....

"I Almost Suffocated And I Don't Even Regret It!" As You Shouldn't.

RYPE Stands By It's Artists And Their Art, Even If That Means Midnight Trips To Deserted Shooting Ranges To Collect Bullet Shells... Yup, Even If.

Her, "Imma Collect The Shit Outta These Bullets!" Stance

Where Anything Ever In And Around Your House, Your Friends House, Your Neighbors House And Every Garage Sale In Town Goes To Die

Stringing Your Grandma's Lamps Up To Guillotines To Shoot Them, My Kinda People

Blair Witch Project Can't Touch This.

Beggars Can't Be Choosers, Grab Yo' Bullets And Run

Bullet Collectin' Ain't Clean Work, Honey

I Know What You And Everyone Else I Know Is Getting For The Holidays! (If You Don't Like A Good Bullet Necklace... You're Getting One Anyway...)

Breaks Are Needed... Often. Power Drinking Stance, Gets The Job Done Every Time, RYPE Approved!

This Artist Is In Dire Need Of A Break, She Clearly Didn't Get The Power Drinking Stance Memo Though

"Ugh, Still So Much Shopping To Do For Saturday!"

Back To Work! Yes, We Call This Work, It's A Rough Lyfe What Can I Say

Doin' It And Doin' It And Doin' It Welllll!

It Ain't No Thang

Where We Sleep While We Work

Time To Chill And Enjoy Turkey Day Like A True RYPE G.

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