Wednesday, November 30, 2011

RYPE For The Pickin'

          That awkward moment when you fall asleep on a Thursday and wake up to find that it's already Monday (followed immediately by that even more awkward moment when you want to stab (lightly stab, nothing fatal so calm down, y'all) everyone you here start a sentence with, "That awkward moment when...." and then proceed to do just that. Whoops.). And no, I'm not referring to any sort of narcoleptic and/or comatose state here, I'm referring to the absolute dream-like mindset RYPE has been living in this past weekend (with only the occasional tremor of a nightmare. Who knew double-sided tape wouldn't hold a nearly 20 pound canvas?!?? I mean c'mon here, people, it's the 21st century.... duh). Watching my sister soak in those first rays of light you get when something you've really put your heart and soul into comes to fruition was like nothing I've ever seen, the glow on that girl was juicier than a rype July day! RYPE is the perfect example of what you get when putting genuine hard work, time and dedication into something you love and Rachel is the guru of all that old fashioned goodness. So of course like any morbid person, with the birth of happening all around me I couldn't help but think about all the near deaths Rachel Rype has also bore witness too. Near death by hot water heater was not the only time this gem of a sister has saved my ass with her charms and strong will, I can't forget the time I almost died of boredom and she decided we should move to California (and did I mention two weeks later we did? Just call her a Cheetah Gurl, cuz this bitch wastes no time, fast and fierce, brrrr.). Or the time I almost died of embarrassment when I was informed by our mother that I did not, in fact, need any sort of brassiere yet, (or little did I know, ever) but you can't be a 13 year old stuffing your bra if you don't even own one so the dear lent out one of hers. She didn't even complain when I borrowed her socks as stuffing on top of that for maximum realistic affect, a true life saver. Oh, and we can't forget the time of near death by self impalement, even at six she could entice the scissors right out of my stubborn four year olds fingers, almost definitely saving me an eye, she could not, however, save the haircut. 'Nuff said. This bitch has been saving me from near death experiences and guiding me into new births for the last 21 years, so thank you, Mama Rype for the cat's outlook on life and I could not be more excited to be able to watch you start a couple new ones of your own. Ok, ok now that was touching, I know, but about this epic dream....

It All Started With A Few Willing And Able Helping Hands.. Who Weren't Afraid To Keep Shit A Li'l Steezy, That Is

A Mystical Man Testing His Sounds

That Feeling When You're Just Almost Asleep And... BOOM, You Trip Yo' Ass On A Rock, Fall Off A Building, Step Off A Cliff, Jerk Your Body Right Back To Reality And Out Of The Bliss... Yeah, This Was That.

But Then Before You Even Realize It The Fluffy, Cloudy Sleep Is Back, Le Sigh

Sit Back And Relax, It's All Just Good Times From Here On Out

RYPE Rules Always Apply, Even In Dreams. Hydration For Everybody!

Throwin' Some D's On This Bitch

You Can't Come To A RYPE Dream Without Feeling The Love In The Air...

Cuddling Up And Enjoying The Experience With That Dream Boat...

It's Your RYPE Dream, Sometimes Things Can Get A Little Sexual...

... And Then Your Mom Shows up...

"Yeeeeah, Dat Was Her Mom!" Dayum.

But Thats Alright Because Remember, Your Friends Are Always Around To Laugh About It With You!

Or At You, Whatever.

But Look How Pretty All Your Friends Are!!!! So Rype.

Now C'mon, This Has To Be A Dream?!?

Discussing The Realms Of Reality

Leaning Further Away From Reality

Great Minds Thinking Alike

Oh, So Innocent, Just Working, Keeping The Music Alive...


Just When Things Are Starting To Make Sense...

They Think They Have This Reality VS. Dream Thing Alllll Figured Out

Getting Comfortable, Maybe Even, Dare I Say It? Smug...?

But Wait, Y'all, Look Over Herrrrrrre.....!


"Did YOU See That...?!?!"


They Saw It

They MUST Of Seen It

Trust Me, They Saw It

Well... We All Know THEY Saw It

"Bitch Please"

"WE SAW IT!!!!"

Yup, Shit Just Got RYPE.

We Got The RYPE


Waking Up To Another Dream

Lounging And Reflecting, Also Known As RYPE Multitasking

          Well, we did it (and I only slightly lost my mind, but just for a minute at the end here!)! The first night snug and cozy under our belts! But no worries now or ever, lovelies because this is just the beginning of the first chapter of the first book in a library rype for the filling! See you all in December ;) oh, yes, yes we did and thats a promise.

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