Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Kittens Inspired By Kittens

         While getting ready for a night on the town a few weeks ago (yes, we go out a lot, but thats the point! Here, I'll explain...) Rachel and I really came to a head about our different style aesthetics for the first time. Rachel is classic all the way, with a love for fine lines, modern design and simplicity. Proudly boasting her favorite color as gray (I realized around the 58th time that telling her gray is actually a shade was pointless), less is always more for this girl. I on the other hand could not disagree more, my favorite color is not even a color in fact, but a print! Give me another layer, another texture, one more ring on my finger! While dressing for any occasion I can't help but think "More is... MORE BETTER". But on this particular night Rachel was feeling a little frisky (commonly known as Jack Daniels) and decided to delve into the black hole that is my closet (commonly known as a pile of clothes on my floor.) Emerging in an outfit I'd never even dream of putting together I couldn't help but get excited for when I got to wear it! This, my friends, was inspiration at it's finest! While us Taylor sisters have always known we were very different in a spectrum of things in this crazy life of ours, we've still held close to similar desires for our lifestyles, mainly being, "Stay Inspired." We're lucky to live in a town where our friends are the artists, live music is loud, often and just around the corner and everywhere you look is an awe inspiring view of mountains and glistening ocean. We over here at RYPE encourage you all to stay inspired and pass that shit on! We recently enjoyed an Inspiration Party: People Inspiring People, all we needed for countless moments of inspiration was 18 magazines, 4 glue sticks, a pile of poster board, 2 bottles of wine and an undeterminable amount of Jaeger... oh, yes we did. So go on and feed your soul, read a book, paint a picture, see your friends at that cool, hipster bar (yes, even if you're like RYPE and feel the need to be "inspired" Thursday, Friday, Saturday and sometimes even Sunday night), cut the legs off your pants and make something new to wear, dayum, even go stalk a pretty face on Facebook! ANYTHING! Just always remember to stay classy, stay inspired and keep the dust off yo' shoulders! But the debate continues on what the fuck a DOMO is, "I think it's like the new Hello Kitty....", "It looks like a piece of shit with a mouth and teeth....", "No, no, no, it looks like the African-American Spongebob." We may never know.

Inspiring Sunsets! Turn Around!!

Inspire With Yo' Style

The Most Inspiring Piece Of Decor In The Rype House...


Inspiring Rooftop Views Courtesy Of The RYPE Plantation

Inspiring Kisses (Cheeks Beware, Red Lips Are The Bee's Knees, Ya Hear?!)

This Man, Is An Inspiration All His Own, The White Buffalo Roaming The Plains Of Cali. RYPE APPROVED.

Flying Wish Paper, Holla! These Are The Faces Of The Recently Inspired

Love Inspired Ink, Yessir.

Well... Duh.


Feast Your Eyes On THIS Inspiration!

Making The Inspiration Permanent. Hell. Yes.

Inspired To Risk Our Lives On A Daily Basis. Wassup.


Thats What She Said.

Friday, January 27, 2012


Today is a good day.
I love my job, friends, fridays, concerts, sunshine, and mexican food.

Happy Friday.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Wood..

Friday Friday Friday.
The sexual pair visits Soho this Friday.
Caanntt fuckkkinggg waiiitt. Duh.

Pictures to follow.