Thursday, November 3, 2011

PART 2: "I'm A Mouse... DUH."

      When the name of the game is RYPE and it's Halloween week and you don't have to work in the morning, oh, and did I mention you have Deadmau5 tickets? Yeah, shit tends to get a little weird... voluntarily though, of course. After an unexpected middle of the week venture out into crazy town we here at RYPE were a little hesitant to go full throttle into the next night, but with tickets to Deadmau5 at the Santa Barbara Bowl (which comes with the promise of many "interesting" and yes, still 5 days early, Halloween costumes) you gotta just roll with the trucks and keep on punching... or something like that. An awkward moment at the entrance when my pair of strobe light flashing mouse ears (a bitchin' investment from last years Hard Haunted Mansion and pretty much the best accessory you could ask for for any occasion!) were denied and threatened to be thrown away, my only alternative was to chuck them over hand into the nearest bush, which I shamelessly took (don't worry, I later hunted for on all fours and recovered them, much to the security gaurds amusement) nothing was to deter us! With a little charm and a good friends connections we were able to turn out seat tickets into pit tickets, fully bringing the night into good (and only slightly dangerous) times, not to mention the best point of view to feast our eyes on all the costume, or lack thereof, amazingness! With the 10 p.m. stop time at the Bowl that can only mean one thing in RYPE Lyfe, two nights in one y'all! After the sweaty, dance party light show of Deadmau5 (a big, juicy high five to Sofi Toufa, who was the badass chick collaborator and to Feed Me, a phenomenal opener) RYPE headed out into the world with the boys of Cyrcle who were in town from L.A. ( and really let the holiday spirit take over control (take-take-take over control). A blurry moment or two, a bloody knee, a couple hours of deepok chopra radio on, an endless supply of "Cyrcle" stickers later and we out. Good start RYPE, real good start. 
Now here's some solid concert going advice, and we here at RYPE aren't ones to just preach it, practice makes perfect!
Always start your night with a double-fist session in the bathroom... (now this could be interpreted a number of ways, but for everyones safety you should probably just stick to concession drinks)

Making new friends is always encouraged!

Double-fisting isn't just for the bathroom! Staying hydrated is a must

Da Mau5 is in da building! Have no shame in the possibility of someone's feeling (or body... whatever) getting hurt for that one good shot! (Totally worth it)
Basically what I'm saying is feel free to double-fist wherever your heart desires, as long as you get the best view, of course

And lastly, but very importantly, never forget to stop for a moment and take it all in.

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