Thursday, November 3, 2011

PART 3: The Rest Of The Best

   Considering the RYPE blog is trying to stay (semi) clean and presentable we'll save everyone the details of the rest of the Halloween weekend, but no worries my little star-babies, we never miss out on a good picture post! See you all on November 26th and always remember, RYPE Lyfe is the RIGHT Lyfe for meeee!

Good lookin' people pretending to be even better lookin' people. Clever.

They WILL steal your booty (feel free to take that however you wish.)

Lame, neither of them would even dress up!

They didn't lose the kitchen utensils or hammer all night! True team players!

What you got? (Cats on Cats on Cats)

(on Cats on Cats On Cats....)

She thought she saw a ghost... and I'm pretty sure she did.

Faux Fur Friends

Celebrity spotting, guess who

There always comes that point in the night when you've completely forgotten what you're supposed to be and oh yeah, where you are... oops.

But then if your lucky you remember your with friends

Congratulating each other on another holiday done right!

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