Wednesday, October 19, 2011

RYPE LYFE (A Little Trip Into The RYPE Motherboard Mainframe Came Up With Some Definite Goodies That We'd Like To Share In An Effort To Get To Know Us Better, Along With Some Sage Words To Live By, Of Course.)

Don't Be Afraid To Enjoy Life A Little

Ok, Ok, Sometimes You Can Enjoy It A Lot

Rules Were Made To Be Broken, Just Don't Fall Off The Cliff

Wear Your ART On Your Sleeve 

Always Love 

Even If It's The Little Things 

 Find Time To Enjoy The Finer Things (Breakfast Beer, Anyone?)

Good Art Is Always Worth The Hunt

 Anyone Who Can Turn Gangsta's Paradise Into An Acoustic Song Gets An Honorable Mention. RYPE Approved.

Home Is Where The Heart Is (Technically Not A RYPE Original, But Still Good.) 

Laugh As Much As Humanly Possible 

It's Good For The Soul 

Keep Those Creative Juices Flowin'! 

Surround Yourself With All Good People 

Go Get One Of These... Right. Now. 

Turn The "Good Times" Into "Fucking Amazing Times"

Hipsters Have The Best Taste In Music 

Sometimes The Shitty Seats Are The Best Ones

Because Sometimes You Get The Best Seat Of All. 

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