Monday, October 17, 2011

A Night To (For The Most Part, Pretty Much, Basically, Sort Of) Remember...

For over the last year I've been to every show the Santa Barbara Bowl has hosted! Well... kind of. Having never actually been to a Bowl show but living just 4 blocks from the outdoor venue gives me the super awesome privilege to hear all the musicians play (and sometimes not so super awesome, Katy Perry 3 nights in a row? Two too many nights, girl!). This last Saturday though my roommate Paola's excitement for the Explosions In The Sky and Death Cab For Cutie concert soon became too infectious to ignore. Despite the fact that I've indie-ed out and seen Death Cab live an inexcusable number of times I knew I had to get in on the screaming... everyone expresses their joy differently Paola , don't feel bad, but maybe save it for the Bieb's next time? Now maybe it's just me, but when I think of Explosions and Death Cab my thoughts immediately go to a mellow pre-show night, keeping it classy with some wine, of course lots of gentle swaying and hand holding. I really just don't know what happened, maybe it was the completely inappropriate leopard print I decided to wear or maybe I just forgot who my dates were, but the RYPE girls do it right, duh. We do the kind of "right" where a shot of Sailor Jerry is how ever much you can fit in your mouth since the bar is the line into the venue and the bar tender is you, water bottle proudly in hand. The sort of "right" where sayings like, "I had to chase my Coke Zero with rum" are totally acceptable because "right" is not a place where Coke Zero is ever a good idea. That silky smooth "right" when a 24 pack of Corona disappears in 6 minutes yet you realize there are only 10 people drinking. That wholesome RYPE kind of "right". Twas a good night with unbelievably beautiful music, a fantastic way to lose my Santa Barbara Bowl virginity and I highly suggest this venue to any and all music lovers, now hopefully I'll spend more concert nights in the crowd rather than in my room! And as always I wouldn't of wanted to be with anyone else then my RYPE minded crew! Sorry to my lovely neighbors for the prefunk (and postfunk, one downfall to the Bowl is the strict 10 p.m. stop time... whoops) noise and maybe next time we'll all call it a night before 3 am hits. But most likely not. See you all in November!

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